Vespa Rental Conditions


Art. 1

GOOD Umbria by Erica Violins (hereinafter referred to as "GOOD Umbria" or "Lessor") delivers to the Driver (hereinafter referred to as "Renter" or "Driver") the vehicle best identified on the front of this agreement, in excellent condition. maintenance, fully functional and in the same conditions, must be returned to the Lessor by the Lessor at the end of the rental period.

The Vespa is entrusted to the Driver with a full tank of fuel, supplied with the standard equipment, accessories and circulation documents of which the Driver becomes the keeper in all respects.

The Driver taking delivery of the vehicle, by signing the rental contract and the specific approval of these general conditions, declares to have viewed it, to have verified that it is in excellent condition and to consider it suitable for the agreed use.

With this agreement, only the possession of the vehicle is transferred to the customer, remaining the possession of the same in the full availability of the Lessor. The Driver acknowledges that he does not have any real rights over the rented vehicle and the accessories supplied and, therefore, that he cannot dispose of them in any way.


Art. 2

The Driver undertakes not to provide false information on his personal details, his age, his address and the existence of the legal requirements for the license to drive the rented vehicle, since he is not subject to legal restrictions or provisions of the judicial or administrative authority, expressly exempting the Lessor from any prejudicial consequence that may arise for the latter in the event of false declarations.

In case of Renter coming from non-EU countries, it will be necessary to show an international driving license, as long as the country of origin is a signatory of one of the driving conventions to which Italy adheres, namely the Geneva Convention of 1949 or the Vienna Convention of 1968. . Citizens of States that are not signatories of either of the two Conventions will be able to drive in Italy, if in possession of their national driving license and a translated copy of the same to be requested at the Italian embassy in their country of origin or at embassies and consulates. of your country in Italy.


Art. 3

The Tenant undertakes:

  1. To drive the vehicle with the approved helmet worn, to transport the passenger only with the approved helmet worn, to guard the vehicle, together with the equipment provided, with the utmost diligence and in compliance with all legal regulations;

  2. To ensure that the greasing, lubrication and oil of the brakes are in the state necessary to guarantee the operation and safety of the vehicle during the rental period; to use the motorcycle with care and prudence, not to subject it to high speeds and strains, or to use it in races and competitions. Any damage and damage suffered by the motor vehicle due to negligence, willful misconduct and carelessness (falls, accidents, dents) will be considered to be the responsibility of the tenant.

  3. To provide directly for the payment of any fines contested and deduction of points in the rental period by reimbursing the Lessor the relative amount and consequent costs (equal to € 30 for each contravention, in addition to the amount itself);

  4. To indemnify the Lessor from any claim and / or request made by third parties for damages suffered by the same and / or suffered by goods owned by them, however attributable to this rental;

  5. To reimburse the Lessor, upon presentation of an invoice, of any expenses, including legal ones, that the Lessor himself should incur to obtain the fulfillment of the pecuniary obligations due for any reason, for example the costs for unpaid motorway tolls; the Lessee agrees from now on to debit these amounts, increased by the ancillary legal costs, on his credit card;

  6. It is understood that if, at the request of the Lessee, the return of the vehicle and its keys has been authorized by the Lessor during the closing hours of the shop, the rental will end on the date and time of reopening of the shop;

  7. To return the vehicle in order and in the same conditions found at the time of rental. Any damage to the motorcycle will be found upon return and the related restoration cost due by the Driver will be calculated;

  8. The Driver acknowledges that he does not have any real rights over the rented vehicle and the accessories supplied and, therefore, that he cannot dispose of them in any way.


Art. 4

The Driver is the only one authorized to drive the Vespa, therefore he undertakes to drive or use the vehicle personally and to circulate only in the Italian territory and not to transfer, free of charge or for consideration, and for no reason the use to third parties. .


Art. 5

The Driver declares to be aware of the rules of the current Highway Code. In any case, to abundance, the Lessor has informed the Lessee on the main rules, with particular reference to the legislative discipline on the use of helmets, on the speed limits and on the consequences deriving from their non-observance.


Art. 6

The Driver declares that he is familiar with driving the Vespa and that he places it in circulation under his full and exclusive responsibility.

The Driver also declares to be in physical and mental conditions suitable for driving the vehicle, not suffering from impairment, illness, addiction or indisposition of any origin and type that could negatively affect the ability and possibility of driving.


Art. 7

Insurance coverage: RCA insurance policy with fire coverage and theft and vandalism clause is included in the rental cost. Furthermore, the Lessee, by purchasing an insurance package at a cost of € 15.00 per day, will be able to cover the excess of the deductible provided for by the aforementioned policy for the hypothesis of theft or vandalism, with any additional costs of lost earnings in the event of verify the aforementioned cases.

GOOD Umbria has provided the Tenant with a copy of the insurance contract, and therefore the Tenant declares to know, accept and undertake to comply with the conditions set out in the insurance policy.


Art. 8

The Driver undertakes to compensate GOOD Umbria for any damage caused to the vehicle or to parts and accessories thereof, as well as to reimburse the administrative management costs of the accident.


Art. 9

In the event of an accident, the Lessee undertakes to:

  1. Immediately inform the Lessor by telephone at +39 347 07 90 937, to send him via email to the address: in the following 12 hours a complete detailed report on the form enclosed with the vehicle documents (CAI form);

  2. Inform the nearest police authority;

  3. Do not issue statements of responsibility in the event of uncertainty about the dynamics of the accident;

  4. Note the names and addresses of the parties and witnesses;

  5. Provide the Lessor with any other useful information;

  6. Follow the instructions the Lessor will provide regarding vehicle storage or repairs.

Art. 10

The Driver undertakes to compensate the Lessor for any damage resulting from the theft of the vehicle or parts thereof, not covered by the vehicle's insurance policy and to pay the full value of the deposit held on the credit card.


Art. 11

In case of loss or theft of only the key of the rented vehicle, the Driver undertakes to report the fact immediately to the competent Authority and to deliver the original of the report to the Lessor. The rental fee (calculated on the basis of the rate established in the rental letters) is also due for the days of non-use of the stationary vehicle. For the second key replacement service, the Lessee is required to pay the cost incurred by the Lessor, increased by € 80.00. If the Driver does not deliver the original of the complaint to the Lessor, the latter, after the return date of the vehicle indicated on the rental agreement, may reacquire physical possession of the vehicle in any way, even against the will of the Driver, and the latter will be required to reimburse him for the expenses incurred as well as the payment of the rental fee (calculated up to the date of recovery of the vehicle) and the cost of replacing the second key.


Art. 12

If the vehicle, during the agreed and correct use by the Driver, should show failures not attributable to the same, GOOD Umbria must be immediately notified and will, if possible, replace the vehicle with another available one; in the event of impossibility of replacement, the Lessee will only be entitled to a refund of the fraction of the rental time not used. By express agreement and in the full knowledge of the Tenant, any other compensation for damages is irrevocably excluded (only by way of example and not exhaustively ruined vacation, hotel reservations, holiday or entertainment facilities, nothing excluded).


Art. 13

In the event that the Lessee, upon notice and prior express authorization of the Lessor by e-mail, provides for a repair during the period of use, it will be reimbursed within the limits of its usefulness. However, it must be documented and the Lessor reserves all checks and judgments of congruity in this regard. Repairs for punctures and any damage to the tires will be the sole responsibility of the Driver who undertakes, for reasons of vehicle safety, to notify the Lessor of any event of this kind, providing a copy of any costs and a list of works incurred.


Art. 14

The Driver undertakes to return the vehicle to the place and by the date indicated in the rental contract or in any case as soon as the Lessor requests it, with the same accessories and in the same conditions in which he received it, except for normal wear and tear.

If the vehicle is not returned to the Lessor by that date, the Driver will have to reimburse the Lessor for each extra rental day, in addition to all the expenses that the latter will incur to regain physical possession of the vehicle, in addition to the loss of earnings caused by the lack of availability. of the vehicle and compensation for any damage suffered. In addition, the Lessor may denounce the Lessee for embezzlement or for any other prejudice or case provided for by law, regulations of use, or for a civil and criminal offense that he deems to be materialized, as well as requesting compensation for damage by way of a penalty agreed upon in

€ 60.00 per day.


Art. 15

The vehicle must be returned without additional damage and equipped with all the accessories, keys and documents existing upon delivery by GOOD Umbria. Otherwise, the Tenant undertakes to pay one of the following penalties:




Failure to return the helmet

€ 100,00

€ 15,00


Amount of fine

€ 30,00

Failure to refuel

Missing liters € 1.60 / l

€ 15,00

Technical report for damage calculation

Evaluation amount

€ 100,00

Non-payment of parking

Parking amount

€ 20,00

Lost key

€ 200,00



Art. 16

The Lessee who makes the payment of the agreed amount for this rental by credit card, authorizes that all the charges provided for by these general terms and conditions, are made by the Lessor directly through the same credit card.


Art. 17

In the event of late payment of the sums due, the interest rate determined by the European Bank plus three percentage points will be applied, for which a regular invoice will be issued.


Art. 18

Lessor's limitations of liability: within the limits established by current legislation, the Lessor (GOOD Umbria) cannot be held responsible, and the Lessee waives any claim against the Lessor, for any damage of any nature suffered by him and / or by its transported or from third parties deriving from the use of the rented vehicle, due to vehicle malfunctions or road accidents, or due to loss or damage to things owned by the Driver left in the vehicle, or for damage or inconvenience deriving from delay in delivery of the vehicle rented, or from breakdowns, unforeseen events and any other cause beyond the control of GOOD Umbria. Any objects forgotten by the Driver on the motorcycle being rented will be considered abandoned and the Lessor is not required to keep them and return them.


Art. 19

Prices and rental methods:

  • Rental price inclusive of VAT and RCA insurance, fire coverage, theft clause and vandalism

  • At a cost of € 15.00 per day, insurance package to cover the excess of the deductible provided for by the aforementioned policy for cases of theft or vandalism

  • The Driver must hold a valid license to drive the vehicle covered by this contract

  • The vehicle must be returned to the same place of collection and with the same fuel level


Art. 20

The reservation of the rental requires the payment of a deposit equal to 50% of the rental price.


Art 21

In case of seizure / confiscation or removal of the Vespa by the Police or blocking of the vehicle for reasons attributable to the Driver, GOOD Umbria will charge the Driver a penalty of € 50.00 for each day the vehicle is stopped, in addition to the payment of operating costs, including transport, and € 45.00 for administrative costs in addition to those attributed by the Police.


Art. 22

This rental agreement is governed by Italian law. All disputes that may arise in relation to the validity, interpretation, execution or termination of this Agreement, will be devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Spoleto.


Art. 23

The nullity of any provision of this contract will not result in the invalidity of the rental contract in its entirety.

Art. 24

The text in Italian will prevail in case of conflict with the text translated into other languages.


Art. 26

Pursuant to art. 13 of EU / 2016/679 Regulation, in relation to the personal data that GOOD Umbria by Erica Violins will come into possession of at the time of signing this contract, we inform you that your personal data and other information provided will be used only and exclusively by GOOD Umbria by Erica Violins for commercial purposes and for the promotion of their rental activities, in compliance with the provisions of the GDPR (EU Regulation / 2016/679, as well as Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments) and will be kept for a period of time not exceeding that necessary for the purpose for which they were collected. The data will not be disclosed to third parties and for them it may be requested in writing at any time the modification or cancellation.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 7 and ss. of EU / 2016/679 Regulation, the Tenant declares to have read the above information and expresses the free and informed CONSENT to the processing of his personal data, including any so-called data. sensitive, for the performance of administrative activities aimed at the use of the services referred to in this rental agreement.



GOOD Umbria di Violini Erica



Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1341-1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the Lessee declares to have carefully read the Rental Agreement and the General Conditions which form an integral part of it and to have understood and accepted its content, declares to specifically approve the clauses of the Rental Agreement, better specified in the articles: 7 (Security deposit) - 9 (Security deposit) - 10 (Vehicle damage charge) - 11 (Termination), as well as the clauses specified in the General Rental Conditions in Articles 1 (Object) - 3 and 4 (Obligations of the Driver) - 8 (Compensation for damage to the vehicle and / or accessories) - 9 (Accident) - 10 (Compensation for damages from theft) - 12 (Motorcycle breakdown) - 14 (Obligation to return motorcycle) - 15 (Penalties) - 16 (Credit card debit authorization) - 17 (Delayed payment) - 18 Lessor's liability limitations) - 19 () - 21 (Seizure or confiscation) - 22 (Applicable law and competent court) 23 (Exclusion of nullity) - 24 (Language) -25 (Consent to the processing of personal data and Information Regulation EU / 2016/679).